Manners Matter

"You should always be polite, you never know when your behavior will come back to haunt you." If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times growing up! I never got away with much, but I certainly never got away with being rude.  My mother and my grandmothers reminded me to "mind my manners" on a daily basis. And like every child ever born, rolling my eyes was often my response. Those eye rolls were met with a look only each of those strong woman could give!

What seemed like constant discipline as a child, has been my secret to success more often than not in my life. There is no substitute for being gracious and polite. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "No one remembers what you said nearly as well as they remember how you made them feel." I believe it.

Manners are easy tools to give our children. As a former teacher, museum educator,  mother, and now grandmother, I have tried to take advantge of teachable moments for those I care about in my life. And now, my grown children are teaching me new things!

Through the blog on this site and the fun etiquette products I designed, I'd like to share some of my strategies for being our best selves. I hope you find a nugget or two to  share with the little people you care about.

If you see something you like, contact us and we'll get some fun etiquette goods headed your way. 

Make it a great day!                                                                 Sassy


For every placemat we sell, we donate meals to  children in need through food banks and school backpack programs. It matters to us.